27 September 2015

Hi all

I just want to share something I learned at a coaching demo run by the S &HFA this week. We were talking about player behaviour, responsibility and awareness really and the SHFA came up with the idea of a  whiteboard with the words "SKILLS" written as below with the associated words alongside.                                                                                                                                                                                 

S   Safety

K   Kind

I    Ideas

L   Listening

L   Learning

S   Smiles

So the idea is to get the players all around (covering up the associated words) and ask them to explain what is meant by skills in a football context. Then open up the other words and talk through them one by one.The final bit is that if we achieve all the above words - everyone goes home with "Smiles" and that becomes the code of honour that we can refer back to.

I tried this today before our match - Got all the players close in and went through it as a group, its better for training really, but the impact was amazing. Every player gave examples of good and bad instances in training and matches. Such as kicking the ball at someone when they arent looking, pushing and shoving, asking an opponent if they are ok if a foul has occurred, Not trying to hog certain positions, the others are self explanatory - but the point is THE KIDS SEEMED SPELLBOUND and so enthuisiastic to share their thoughts. Then we went out and played in exactly the right way.

Really pleased about this - really simple and it worked. Happy days.